Kissinger gives Iraq War his kiss of death; Ollie North complains about civilian deaths, no not those kind

in yet another blow to W’s tragic war in the Mid-east, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger unequivocally stated that the iraq conflict was un-winnable: read it here.

of course the devil is in the details. kissinger actually says that a military victory is not possible. He does not state that we (or us if you still buy that Coalition of the Willing crap) can not stabilize the area or improve the area; that is a different story all together.

In another note, ollie north (of iran-contra fame) has an article on the fair and balanced news site of about security contractors in iraq (a topic I have written on previously, here). seems ollie thinks that security contractors (who, incidentally, are probably former military/intelligence agents, trained with US taxpayer money who then leave patriotic service only to utilize their skills for higher salaries in the civilian market) are being overlooked by the general public. i guess he thinks these civilian volunteers, who are paid much more handsomely than their military counterparts and who, at some point have to choose to be in Iraq, deserve the same honor, respect and gracious dignity that soldiers receive.

is he kidding? now, i dont want to minimize these people’s lives–that has never been my intention, but let us not forget the deep differences between these two populations. one group must endure “stop-loss” programs, while the other sends close to six-figure paychecks home to their families. one group must deal with divisive politics that affect funding and logistics, while the other has a CEO that chooses to send voluntary workers into hot zones for profit.

what exactly do military contractors have in common with soldiers again? oh yeah, they both have a good chance of dying. but so do Iraqi civilians and I do not see anyone trying to give those poor bastards any medals.

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