Coast Guard makes teeny, tiny, minuscule, imperceptible dent in drug war

the coast guard reported today that they had seized some 20 tons of cocaine off the coast of Panama. combining that bust with another a few weeks ago and the coast guard is celebrating taking some half a billion dollars of cocaine off the market.

well, it is no secret that i have always thought the drug war is a big waste of time. so i figured i would do some calculations to see exactly how effective these two record-breaking busts have been on the drug trade. so here here it is:

according to the UN, the global drug trade was estimated at around $400,000,000,000 (that’s billion). now, i have assumed that the united states consumes at least 60% of that total. so, what exactly is $500,000,000 (the total of the two confiscations) actually do to the totals?

of total global trade, the dent is .00125, just over one thousandth. of total usa consumption, the busts represent a whopping two thousandths.

whoa. now that is our taxpayer money at work. if the average cost of a gram of cocaine on the street is around $60 then this will mean that poor cocaine buyers will see prices go up approximately 12 cents. (insert astounded whistle here)

Time to write your congressman a thank you note.

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