Gitmo Tribunals Provide Terrorist Confessions to…

just about every goddamn thing that ails US foreign policy.

News agency reports are saying that more confessions are coming out of the many gitmo detainees, thereby validating the important policy of detaining men and women of every ethnic origin that is anywhere closely related to Muslim faith or Arabic descent.

the Pentagon is reporting that another detainee claimed he worked on the Cole bombings that injured over a dozen usa servicemen. combining this confession with the recent claims of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed means that almost all terrorists that threaten american interests have been caught by the supremely intelligent, brave and handsome Bush administration.

the score between whiny liberals and the valiant bushies now stands at 0 to 101,012, with the recent confessions meaning that republicans have now captured the men responsible for the decline of western morality, that guy who wants the easter bunny banned, that other guy who wants “under god” taken out of the pledge of allegiance and uncovered the elements behind the insidious plot to de-Christianize the holy day of Xmas.

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