Scooter Libby Convicted aka Damn those guys are good

So my boss and I were watching the verdict get read on tv in the case of United States v. Libby, otherwise known as scooter Libby, former chief of staff to VP dick cheney.

Immediately my boss remarked how angry he was that libby was essentially a scapegoat and that the real perpetrators are getting away with it. i was surprised since my boss is a strident republican. he is also a conservative though, and so I asked him about Scooter’s own culpability in the whole affair. After all, he is the one that made the choice to lie.

at the time, I agreed with him that Libby was a scapegoat, and I shared this with several people after work. but then I came to a realization: the case against libby was NOT that he outed a covert, non-official cover (NOC) CIA agent, which is patently illegal. what the Libby case revolved around was LYING to federal agents while trying to find out if someone had outed a NOC agent. of course this first question was moot in the very beginning stages since obviously those in the know knew she was not a NOC agent.

That question having been dispensed with, the feds turned to statements that had been made by Libby that seemed to not fit the real story. notice that no one else has been indicted, nor is there any expectation of any more indictments. why?

because thus far the feds can only prove that one man lied. And that would be Scooter. the rest of the Bush administration was either cunning or smart enough not to get caught in a lie. so, scooter may not be a scapegoat after all, nothing illegal other than the false statements was committed. the higher-ups (who may or may not have instructed Scooter to lie) ensured that they did not make any incriminating statements. Whether or not they used scooter for this purpose or not remains to be seen.

But, instructed or not, he made his own bed by choosing to lie to federal authorities. no one can take that dishonor from him, unless of course he receives a presidential pardon.

the bastards.

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