Wal-Mart and the Service Employees International Union

wow. in a really surprise move today wally-mart endorsed universal health care coverage. read about it here. the announcement was made along with the management of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

this is an interesting moment in the political landscape all around. the head of SEIU is one Andy Stern whom i and my cohorts first became aware of when we attended the FTAA protest in Miami FL. i liked him because he appeared to be a bit more militant than the other union reps i know.

stern last made headlines when he split the SEIU from the AFL-CIO in 2003 (i think). the AFL-CIO is one of the unions I would consider as part of the problem in union representation rather than a glowing example of how things should be done. good move andy.

lastly, SEIU has created a non-union member organization for those that wish to stand with labor against corporate interests. its called purple ocean and is another good idea on reaching out to those groups and people who may wish to be a part of something bigger than themselves but do not know where to start.

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  1. Rob Maguire Says:

    It is really no surprise that Wal-Mart would support universal health care, as it would take the responsibility for providing health care for their employees out of their hands and into the hands of the state. Any policy that removes the pressure for Wal-Mart to provide health plans for their “associates” is certainly welcome to the Waltons.

  2. Administrator Says:

    i have railed against the utopian idea that capitalism could actually convince people to do the “right” thing for employees and society, but in this case you have pointed out something very important. the waltons are not doing this for the good of their “associates”, but rather what is good for their profit margin.

    what is changing, perhaps, within wally-mart is a change in perspective from the short term to the long term. their desire to become “green” and unburden themselves of having to pay health care costs indicates a much long term look at profitablity. i guess we shall see…

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