follow up to Terror Free Oil

alright, well here is the response to my email to

from Alex Porter (

CITGO imported some oil from Persian Gulf in the past.

nice, eh? short and totally ignoring the rest of the email. but, for my own sanity i continued the investigation. here is what CITGO said:

As a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), CITGO’s primary source of crude oil is Venezuela. However, CITGO also runs large volumes of crude oil from the United States, Canada, Northwest Europe (North Sea), West Africa, and several Latin American countries (other than Venezuela). To a much smaller extent, CITGO purchases crude oil from other parts of the world, which may include Russia, Mediterranean countries, the Middle East, and the Far East. The individual grades and their origin depend upon a variety of market conditions, which may tend to favor certain parts of the world over others within specific time frames.

Thank you for contacting CITGO.

lastly, for the record Sunoco does some business with an outfit called Motiva which is partly owned by Saudi Aramco. you can guess where that is based. shell oil, as i stated in the original email has operation in the persian gulf, so i guess they are out.for the record, hess imports about 17% of its oil from Algeria.

story over for now..


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  1. Rob Maguire Says:

    I asked Terror Free Oil why they don’t purchase Venezuelan Oil from Citgo, and here is the polite response I received from Alex Porter:

    “You must be a real moron if you expect to be taken seriously. Why don’t you go bother other morons?”

    Sounds like a real, professional business venture, doesn’t it?

  2. Administrator Says:

    holy shit! i guess i should feel special because he did not call me ugly names. but, i did get the same sort of feel from them.

    “if you are not on the bandwagon already then go fuck yourself,” seems to be a typical response from ideologues these days.

    thanks for your comments rob.

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