My solution to the Iraq problem

I know, i know, just another voice in the debate, but i feel compelled to say this since no one else is.

Prologue: great bit from ted koppell this morning on npr. he mentioned that the rhetoric coming out of DC right now sounds as if we invaded iraq for their benefit and not our own. he states that creating benchmarks for the iraqis to meet, then threatening to leave if they don’t does a disservice to the whole idea. “we invaded to make the persian gulf safer, so if you dont succeed in doing that we are gonna pull out and leave you in chaos.” doesn’t that sound stupid?

Step 1: Stop talking about the troop surge. dumb idea.

Step 2: dissolve the current shiite led government. in a country historically plagued with sectarian division the current democratic structure makes no sense. there are 3 distinct factions in iraq (thanks to the arbitrary western drawn borders): kurds, shiites, sunnis. Who the hell’s idea was it to have elections without taking this into account? the shiites are the largest and necessarily are going to win a majority. they were persecuted relentlessly during Saddam’s rule, so why the hell would anyone create a system whereby they would be given the reins of power by default?

Step 3: rewrite the constitution so that each faction gets equal say in government and oil revenue. there is an almost natural physical divide in the country with kurds in the north, sunnis in central, shiites in the south (though these are not totally rigid). if these sects want to be separate, let ‘em. let them naturally gather and separate themselves in 3 regions, then tell them genocidal ambitions will not be tolerated and belligerents will be met with “extreme prejudice”. i would suggest letting them split into 3 distinct states, but the oil revenue question would be too problematic, so that is out of the question.

Step 4: Equip the Iraqis to truly take care of their security problem. they do not want to live this way. They will stop the violence if they have the equipment. hey have no chance of doing that right now. Want to know why the US wins the battles? not only are they better trained, they are better equipped. how the iraqis must feel being sent out into the battlefield with a bunch of old rusted hand me downs while the americanos march out in brand new, armored hummers with m16s fresh off the fucking production line. for christ sakes, the military contractors are better outfitted than the iraqis.

Step 5: encourage either NATO or the UN to help watch the borders. this idea would be more attractive to both organizations because the problem would be more manageable and the forces needed would be smaller. this way the iraqis could concentrate on other shit. just think how effective a couple thousand well armed troops on the border with iran could be stopping the flow of outside help. again,with extreme prejudice.

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