more investigation into the Terror Free Oil Initiative

Dear readers, you will find below an email I sent to CITGO corp regarding assertions made by the Terror Free Oil Intiative website. I hope to follow up with responses from both parties within the next few days.

I am seeking comment on some information being distributed by the Terror Free Oil Initiative ( According to this website CITGO is one of many oil companies that “finance terrorism by importing oil from the Middle East (a direct quote from their website).”

According to my research on your website and from documents available from the Energy Information Administration (, CITGO no longer imports oil from the Persian Gulf. First, can you confirm this information?

Second, I have written an email to the Terror Free Oil website questioning why CITGO is on the list and published it on my website. The response I received from them was that CITGO had imported Persian Gulf oil in the past. Would you be willing to comment on how much Persian Gulf oil CITGO has imported in the past?

Finally, the Terror Free Oil Initiative currently lists CITGO as an importer of Middle East oil, does the company wish to comment on the veracity of this claim?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

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