letter to the Terror Free Oil Initiative

For those who are not trolling the net for news like i do, here is an article on a “terror free oil” gas station. Here is a link to a group central to the idea: here.

and a copy of an email I sent to them after some investigation of my own. i encourage everyone to check the facts out themselves. finally, i want to give the http://terrorfreeoil.org/ people some credit for providing really good and extensive information on their website.

First, let me say that I think the idea behind this
idea is fantastic.  I have privately argued with many
people that regulation is not the way to fix this
problem and that only voting with one's consumer
dollar can change the dynamic of the international oil

Having said that, I have looked over some of the
documents you link to on your site and have a few

1.  Why is CITGO on the list as a Mid East importer?
According to the new EIA document for 2006
, they did not import a single barrel of Mid East oil.

2.  According to the same document, Shell Oil and
several of its subsidiaries did not import any Mid
East oil.  I did notice its division in UAE and Dubai,
but the EIA report concludes there are no imports.

3.  Also, I examined the EIA document you link to
under Sunoco and found no reference to a Mid East
country, nor does the EIA document linked above credit
Sunoco with any Mid East imports.  Is there another
reason for this?

Thank you.


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