Why Wal-mart might get my business back some day…

woke up this morning to a report about walmart efforts to reach a zero waste/sustainable business model (read about it here). 

as most of you know, i detest walmart and have not shopped their for my own personal goods since November 2003 (i had to take a buddy of mine to one store recently).  but walmart has been taking a public beating for some time now about various labor practices, discrimination and others.

i listened with interest a few months ago when i first heard a story about a walmart experiment to run a clean/green store.  so, i welcome this story as well.  i dont care that the global giant is only doing it to save money, at least they are doing something

perhaps by 2010 they will impress me enough that i will return to the corporate fold, but for now i am still satisfied paying a little bit more elsewhere, rather than shop at wallymart.  but, somethings do change…

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