Some Do’s and Dont’s for the new Democratic Congress

a few days ago i considered posting a message to the new democratic leaders because I was unhappy about their approach to the Iraq conflict.  several democrats were talking pull-out and about Iraqi responsibility and creating a dependent Iraq.  which I think is all total bullshit.  “sorry we invaded your country and created all this chaos, but you need to fix it on your own.  we are done here.”  that is a load of crap and essentially amounts to nothing but political pandering to the ignorant masses.

anyway, with all the talk of the new incoming senate Democrats, i figured i would just create a longer list of what i recommend so they do not shoot themselves in the foot and lose control in 2 years time.

DO continue to annoy Prez Bush about the war.  DO NOT attempt to micro-manage it or deny active troops badly needed money.

DO increase congressional oversight over everything military; it is your job after all.

DO continue to implement the 9/11 commission suggestions, for the most part they are non-partisan and smart.  The american people will love you for it.

DO work on social justice issues like easing taxes on the middle class, students and families.  DO NOT continue to implement and expand entitlement programs; they are a loser.

DO balance the budget and work on a fix for social security.  DO NOT privatize SS and do not work on bandages for the symptoms–FIX it, it ain’t that hard.

DO listen to those who have been and continue to question fair trade versus free trade.  DO NOT become protectionist, that will not help.

DO try to cutback on the huge military spending the Bush admin has started.  DO NOT take a pacifist stance while doing so.  military and intelligence is important, but it must be done sensibly.  Cindy Sheehan is not the answer.

DO something about education in this country.  DO NOT try to centralize it.  turning back the clock on trade is impossible.  the only way to go forward is to better compete and that takes education.  we better start now, the foundations of a peripheral based global economy have been set and countries like China and India will be chewing us a new asshole if we can not compete in the areas of academics and innovation.

DO balance the budget.  DO NOT panic when the dollar slowly is replaced by the Euro in the meantime.  one way to help the dollar is to reign in spending and improve its image (read: value and stability) in the world currency markets. 

DO attack the republicans on issues of stemcells and biotech.  DO NOT attempt to challenge their moral attitude, but rather their wallets.  Other countries that do not share these Puritan beliefs are actively researching in these areas.  if they get a jump on us they will hurt us.  this is a weak point in the republican stronghold–exploit it smartly.

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  1. Free Speech America Says:

    Many vetrans want a plan for the war in Iraq. Americans now believe the war is the most important issue facing us as a nation. Should we have a time line for withdrawl or not? Staff Sgt Blake Baxter discusses a timeline for Iraq, is it possible to have a timeline for troop withdrawl without letting the country fall into the control of terrorists? What’s your view? What would you say?

  2. Administrator Says:

    Surprisingly, I (for now) agree with Bush about the timeline for withdrawal. I believe that we stepped into this conflagration completely unprepared, but it is not us who bear the real burden of this conflict. Our death toll may be rising and unacceptable, but it is nothing in comparison to the thousands of Iraqis killed over the last 4 years.

    Having said that, I now think it is our problem to fix, not theirs. So, as much as I hate to say it, we have to stay. I think attempting to force the Iraqis to accomplish benchmarks and “earn” our protection is ludicrous and irresponsible. Just pulling out would result in more violence, not less I think.

    I have offered other advice on solving the problems of Iraq here—>

    Thanks for your comment!

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