Tired of fighting the good fight

last night an old friend stopped by our booth at the bar and wanted to talk some politics, mainly about the new incoming congress and the possible new direction of the iraq war strategy.  i noticed very quickly that both he and i seemed very unenthusiastic about the conversation.  we both agreed that we were too tired to have a heated discussion like the ones we used to have.

my best guess is that the ongoing, dragging conflict in the Mid East has just worn us out.  we have gone over and over all of this and yet nothing has changed.  the administration continues its policy of saying a shitload but only making cosmetic changes.  sure, Bush is shaking up the cabinet and military posts, but what is that really gonna do?  probably not much.

the fact is, nothing much can be done.  the only solution is very slow.  namely, that solution (as proposed by the Iraq study group) is to begin training tens of thousands of US military servicemen to be strategic advisers embedded in larger iraq military companies.  that type of training and the numbers needed will take at least another year and a half.  so, all we can look forward to is rising body counts and images of IEDs blowing up humvees.

i am just too tired to fight this right now.  i know that politics is slow and for my radical views, an uphill battle.  but, i am beginning to wonder if I have the stamina to fight anymore. 

or maybe i just had too big of a lunch.

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