A note on Ronald Reagan

i am so sick of hearing about how Ronald Reagan defeated the USSR. this falsehood has become almost legendary when anyone decides to praise the former Republican president. in an interview this month in Playboy magazine, T. Boone Pickens states this and something ridiculous about RR rebuilding our military.

What? the cold war preceding RR was always huge military spending. rebuild? all he did was add a few thousand more now useless cold war technology artifacts. shit that is now rotting in fields across america (and some far flung parts of the planet).

defeated the USSR? people do not even listen to themselves. doesn’t this imply that communism represented a threat? a possible competitor for the US? it would have to, yes? otherwise why would we even be worried about it? if communism was doomed to fail then why the hell did we need to spend umpteen billions of dollars to defeat it?

no. the truth is the USSR was a failed attempt at premature oligarchy-driven communism. and the US had known since the fall of the iron curtain that the system would eat itself as long as we did not ignore their aggressive moments. which, i would argue, is what the US did until RR came along.

what RR successfully did was ramp up the spending of defense procurement, resulting in the arms race which, yes, hastened the fall of the USSR. yippee people. the system was doing horribly already, so what. does the guy who unplugs “do not resuscitate” patients get the credit for killing the person? no, the organism was dieing anyway.

what RR successfully did was further feed the military-industrial complex, fatten lots of capitalists and bankrupt american taxpayers.

what RR successfully did was to make it even harder for citizens of the USSR to live. granted the communist party over there was not doing this either, but when the USSR was forced into keeping up with the american military behemoth, it choked more money out of the system. that can not be good for the people on the ground, can it?

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