Ridiculous news of the day

well, my girlfriend asked that I post today so here goes:

Ridiculous item #1: president Bush went to Vietnam today and slapped the whole nation in the face by saying that the lesson the USA learned from Vietnam was not to quit. So take that you country of 84 million people and the second fastest growing economy of South East Asia. What is the real lesson? that the USA is so fucking brazenly arrogant that we think we still should have continued killing their people in the name of capitalism.

Ridiculous item #2: i think i have commented on the privitization of war in the past. today, in Iraq some private contractors were abducted at a fake security checkpoint. So, apparently now the federal government is trying to save us money by paying private security forces to do military jobs, then spend more money on bailing these security forces out of every jam they get themselves into. Don’t these companies sign waivers or something?

Just in case anyone wants to know the security company is the Crescent Security Group. The last one I commented on was Blackwater USA. Wiki has a good article on Blackwater, here.

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