Can worker value be calculated?

so my girlfriend, my boss and a friend of mine have been thinking about starting a business. basically a private research firm, but i do not want to get into too many details until i have the business plan worked out better. that really is not the point of this post anyway.

last night me a friend were at the bar having a few and shooting the shit and we were talking about somethings that drunken cynic had written about recently and some input from conversations we have had previously. the idea came to us that we should attempt to put into practice all this shit we preach about change from the bottom.

so i think we have decided to attempt to create a worker owned company with our new venture. sort of in the school of anarcho-syndicalism, which you can read about here.

i wonder, is there some calculation or formula we could use or create in order to make this feasible and equitable, for both workers and investors? perhaps it would be a new model by which to show others how work can be transformed under capitalist regimes…

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