Hectic days

Geez, I really have been neglecting this thing over the past couple weeks. You would think that a political junkie like myself would have been all over this new Democratic legislature thing, eh? Well, I a really am not that impressed, simply because I am not particularly sympathetic to the Democratic party either. They are just the better behaved asshole in this big silly game.

Life has been hectic over the past few days. Thursday, the girlfriend and I got into an argument, a silly one of course, but an argument nonetheless. The results of this little altercation then spread into a tiny bit of Friday and then fucking blew up Saturday night with a whole theater production by every-fucking-person in the house. I often wish two things: 1. people would mind their own business and 2. that people would learn how the fuck to deal with other people in a civilized manner.

Anyway, love you all, but I may not be hanging out too much in the near future. Those of you who have called to help, thank you.

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