Damn voting machines

The Miami herald is reporting strange goings-on with voting machine glitches in Florida.  It seems that the machines are prone to becoming mis-aligned, i.e. the touch screen “buttons” do not line up with the electronics inside.  The result is an incorrect vote if the person is not paying attention at the Review portion of the voting machine process.

And just in case this is the dastardly, devious work of Chavez leftists, the  federal governemnt has begun a probe into voting machines and the Chavez government.  It seems that a few Venezuelans own the parent company of one voting machine company and that despite everyone reassuring us that voting machines are safe and reliable, the federal government feels so threatened that they need to investigate. 

 It would seem that the machines are safe and reliable so long as Latin American leaders can not affect these machines in their favor.  Whatever that means…

 It would seem that the states want us to believe that voting machines are safe and reliable so long as the federal government does not feel threatened by leftists.

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  1. James Says:

    so I hear there’s a yellow button that lets you vote as many times as you like… hmmm sounds appealing, lol

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