Protecting Decent Folks Against Terrorism aka Johnny Get Your Gun!

The story just keeps getting better. Bush signed the new terror bill. In another ballsy move by the American establishment to piss off the entire globe, Bush signed a bill that undermines the very foundations of American legal values. Habeas corpus is suspended in some cases, military commissions have been instituted and affective backdoor methods by which the administration can escape/ignore international laws and treaties were created.

UK leader Tony Blair clarified who such measures protect today, saying that, “…we are on the side of ordinary, decent Muslims in Iraq or Afghanistan who want their own democratic government… ” (from a longer quote at bottom of linked article). Now, he is going on about us causing extremisim by our presence in those areas, but does this not slightly imply that those who do not want democratic government are un-ordinary and indecent? Or am i just too picky today?

A few weeks ago i commented to some friends about how much safer I felt knowing that Coast Guard vessels in the Great Lakes would now be armed with .30 caliber machine guns (here). As if on cue the federal government stated today that helicopters and airplanes would be vigorously watching the Canadian border in Montana (here).

I hope we can all feel safer today knowing that we are the decent democratic loving people of the world and we are armed to the teeth.

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