A whole lot of “too little too late”

lou dobbs’ opinion article on wednesday in CNN is pathetic (read it here). christ, is this what passes for journalism these days? fuck, i hope so. better this bullshit be journalism rather than activism, which seems even more dead than the Geneva Conventions.

Is this guy fucking serious? “we should all go out and change our political registration to Independent.” hey lou, you want some cheese with that whine? because that is all you are doing-bitching and complaining without actually doing anything. give me a break. these politicians make millions of dollars a year bilking taxpayers out of their constitutional right to be properly represented and all you can suggest is that they go change their voter registration.

whoa. i bet those cats in D.C. are really gonna be quaking in their overpriced, taxpayer bought Italian boots. Thanks Lou Dobbs, it never fucking dawned on me that empty gestures were the way to fix this fucked up system. Idiot.

Want an example of how bad the system is? I like bob woodward’s new book coming out on the Iraq war, i.e. the lead-up to it. there is a good excerpt here on the newsweek/msnbc website.

Want another one? pay attention to how the Bush administration is treating the UN and the Department of State. Some good examples are in this Fareed Zakaria article (here). And i thought that Bush actually liked Ms. Rice, but now it appears that he just apppointed her at the State Department so he could keep the token black person in his Cabinet. Ouch.

sorry. been working too much lately, it has put me in a sour mood.

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