liberals versus conservatives

from a conversation i had with my conservative republican boss in reference to this Rep Foley scandal:

him: i tell ya one thing i like about you liberals.

me: oh yeah, what’s that?

him: at least you admit that people are flawed fucking creatures.

me: that we do.

him: the thing is is that you get yourselves into trouble being so open about it and admitting right up front, which scares people. but these damn conservatives want to believe that people are perfect, so they end up repressing things and getting caught with their hands in their pants.

me: (laughing) at least we let you know what you are getting into before you vote.

Honestly, how do these people get anyone with half a brain to vote for them? I will never know.

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  1. Brian Says:

    it is worth mentioning that Chavez received the most ovation of any speaker at the UN summit. What does this (rightfully) say about international opinion of the US?

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