Good Old Chavez

girlfriend: oh, you’re gonna post?

me: yeah, i just have to collect some article links.

gf: oh. it’s gonna be about politics then?

me: yeah.

gf: why can’t you write about me?

so i have been meaning to post about good old Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s remarks about GW Bush at the UN (article here). I, of course, was ecstatic about the remarks. who else in the world has the balls to stand up and criticize the most powerful leader on the planet, in his own damn country no less! Not only did he attack Bush Jr. but he also had the courage to criticize the UN, standing on their podium!

the problem, unfortunately, is that his ‘devil’ remark ended up overshadowing some very good things he said about the UN and its un-democratic structure. so the bush administration got a get-out-jail-free card because rather than actually have to answer Chavez’s complaints, they just ignored him and called his speech a clown act.

for those who are ignorant of the fact (or choose to ignore it), he is absolutely right on many counts.

1. It is the policy of the USA to dominate the world globally. It is stated USA policy to combat and deter the rise of any other global power. This is fact. Look it up.

2. The UN is a worthless institution because it is built around the world powers that created it. The UN Security Council members have veto power over all members. I and many others have discussed this before. Bottom line: this is not a democratic institution. How can we go around spouting all this crap about democracy when we continue this international charade?

The Democrats, the pussies that they are, tucked their fucking tails between their legs and joined in the bullshit by telling Hugo to shut up (read it here). Imagine that. A bunch of people whose job it was to analyze, report and act as a balance against the executive branch telling a man to not do the job they have utterly failed to do for the past 6 years. Land of the free my ass.

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