9/11 revisited, ad nauseam

Alright people, please I need your help on a few things.

1. Is it me or is it disgusting that Pres. Bush continues to say that we must fight overseas in order to keep the fight from coming to our shores? Does this or does this not essentially say to military servicemen and women that they are nothing but cannon fodder, destined for nothing but sitting in a continously hostile territory as a human shield? What do they call this policy? “Operation Protect Those Who Choose Not To Serve”?

2. I am sufficiently disgusted with this that I am going to buy a web address and create a satirical military recruitment site touting the wonderful new career of cannon fodder. I need suggestions for the name of the site and maybe some other points I should make on the site. This project will mimic a brilliant stunt pulled by the Yes Men some years ago. You can see this work at www.gatt.org which is a FAKE World Trade Organization site, but looks almost exactly like the real one located at www.wto.org. I am serious as shit about this, so please send in some ideas. This could be a big one.

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