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Girlfriend been bothering me about posting. Here is a quick note for those who are watching.

When someone threatens or kills or attempts to threaten or attempts to kill white non-Muslims it always makes the front fucking page. Did anyone of you out there hear that a terrorist attack happended in India? I bet not. Why? Because the attack occured in a majority Muslim area. It seems no one gives a shit about these things unless they are perpetrated against whites, Westerners, and/or non-Muslims.

Here is the story–here. Read it and bitch and at someone; although they will probably not care.

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  1. Rob Says:

    Noncompliant C,

    I am sending you an email on a response I received from an email I sent out to the american heritage lucheon where a bunch of white christian guys sit around and pat themselves on the back for being white. Praise George Washington the tool of the white american, oppressor of many. You can post it if you want.


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