Typical US tactics

Item #1: NYC man charged with distributing terrorist TV (here)

So, a man with a legitimate business broadcasting satellite feeds to his fellow city dwellers is arrested for offering Hezbollah TV. This tv station is labeled as a “news” station and I seriously doubt that it is much more than propaganda for the intifadah. However, my first thought is, what the hell ever happened to freedom of speech and government limitations on “prior restraint”?

Sure this tv station is ridiculous and probably has very little of actual value, but neither does spike or fox news for that matter. I do not see anyone trying to arrest Murdoch for that piece of shit.

What is next? Hezbollah TV is illegal simply because the “government” has deemed it a terrorist organization. If that is all it takes to keep information from being distributed, we might be in trouble. Who is next? CNN because it questions the government too much? Comedy Central because it makes fun of the office of the president?

Item #2: US tries to shift attention away (here)

Once again, in order to protect its belligerent step-child in the mid-east the US is trying to get the UN to forget about all the trouble going on in Lebanon and Israel. “Nevermind the illegal Israeli interventions and incursions into sovereign territory, let’s all take a look at this other red herring over here that we have not cared two shits about until now.”

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