a wal-mart conspiracy?

last night while at my favorite watering hole i randomly yelled out things like, “don’t we all feel safer now that the TSA has banned shampoo and toothpaste?” and, “doesn’t anyone else understand that this litany of do’s and dont’s is destined to be endless?”

the total lack of shock and reaction from the bar dissapointed me. so, i took a new tack. i began to rail against the supposed commercial benefit that some retail outlets would get from this whole debacle. can you imagine? soon every airport parking lot will be properly equipped with a mini Wal-mart, stocked with all those liquid goods you could not take with you, but can not leave home without.

terrorism as money making machine or just the irrelevant ramblings of a drunk bar fly?

4 Responses to “a wal-mart conspiracy?”

  1. Camilo Cienfuegos Says:

    Jesus man, you can still pack it in your luggage, you just can’t carry it on. So, irrelevany rambling.

  2. Jodie Says:

    I would have to agree with you about the do’s and dont’s, and feeling safer now that shampoo and toothpaste have been banned lol. But then again as I remember you usually had a good point on the topic at hand. Well that being said you should drop me a few lines, and check out my webpage, I’ve missed your intelligence! :)

  3. Nix Says:

    I’d have to go with paranoid as a republican on meth. But that’s just MO. ;)

  4. Administrator Says:

    camilo, thanks for pointing out what i inevitably left out. you can pack it in your luggage.


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