TV show pitch–feedback would be good

so, if anyone actually bothers to read all the comments and other shit in this blog, you would have noticed a comment from a friend of mine that made a passing remark about a tv show and me getting to drink booze. naturally, i was intrigued. so yesterday morning me and some friends were kicking back and i mentioned the idea. they of course asked, “what would the show be?”

so, improv-like, i set into this pitch: me and someone else sitting at table, booze in hand, once a week taking a few topics and just telling people the shit they are missing. we just get drunk as hell, let people call in and ask questions, and just fucking go at a topic and tell those …people, “alright ya’ll, this what is ya really need to know about what you saw in the ‘news’ this week.” give people brief, objective histories of areas in the news and why. point out the ignorant shit politicians say (btw did you see Sec Rice’s comment about “birth pangs”? what the hell is she thinking?) use ‘rice birth pangs’ and see the articles that come up and justifiably, the tone of what people think.

anyway, i figure by the end of the show it might just be funny to have near slurring drunks explaining the news to people. any thoughts?

the visit from my muse was short today, much like this post!

2 Responses to “TV show pitch–feedback would be good”

  1. Nix Says:

    I think it sounds awesome. Drunk news… both educational and entertaining

  2. Camilo Cienfuegos Says:

    I’d tune in if I had cable.

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