best we ek ever, a re cap (very long)

its a new day already. i have just barely woken up. “hooker with a penis” is blasting over the computer. i am blasted as well.

the last week has been something else. i did not hardly sleep any this week. i had fantastic times with my crew. i had a muse. i talked politics at some length with a bar buddy. this weekend, i have done nothing but mostly sleep–i think. i know that i dont think i saw sunday’s sunlight for more than 5 minutes, tops. strange life we have here, eh?

while some friends of mine were discussing israel and lebanon, i interrupted. even my most conservative-republican talk buddies sees that what is going on there is tragic, but many are still under the impression that some morality exists when it comes to world politics. they question why it is we protect israel when it goes overboard. they question why it is that we dont support the tiny, invaded state of Lebanon. (perhaps all this points to something else i think suddenly) i quickly say to just stop. that sort of shit is useless. the fact is, i told them, none of that shit matters. what matters is geo-political strategy and logistics, especially anywhere in the mid-east. i know it sucks to hear and detractors will just say i am a conspiracy theory nut, but there is one word here that is most important–oil.

read a fuckin book people. carter stated in 1980 that the mid-east is of national security importance and that we would consider any aggression in the area might require action. why do think that is? gee, cuz we care so much about the arabs that we want to protect them? i think not. this country is an oil addict, just face it. if something happened to global oil supplies right now, the country would damn near collapse, if someone did not fix the problem with force. hell, even i want the oil to keep running. shit, i may be an armchair revolutionary, but I still am hopelessly dependent on my car and my air conditioner. sudden change like that would suck.

my point has always been that if we did not act like a bully, then maybe the situation could be better handled. anyone who thinks the arabs hate us just cuz we have more shit is ignorant. they hate us because for as long as they can remember we have treated them as second class. israel, no matter what they have done, has always enjoyed military and political support from the US (see part on Rice and resolution here). correct me if i am wrong, but didn’t this whole incursion start after 2 soldiers were kidnapped (maybe two killed also)? and know some ten thousand men are either in or around Lebanon?

does all this talk point to something else? i have found myself several times saying that the problem is we do not elect leaders; we elect politicians. you see, people seem to think that because someone is in charge they have the qualities needed to be a good, competent leader. but that is just silly. our leaders are the result of a fucking popularity contest. the unwashed masses do not have the capability of choosing a leader based on this system. 2 men choose sides; 2 men parade around places where heavy voter concentration exists; they spout sound bites for a lap dog media that replays nothing but the sound bites and men falling on their asses. how can anyone expect to get a leader out of that process? was i the only one that was taught that shakespeare included many elements of violence and debauchery for the masses? am i the only one who has heard that in order to appeal to the mass public one must find the lowest common denominator?

what the hell are people thinking? i am restarting “hooker with a penis”.

i have brought up buddhism many times this week. i have stated my obviously radical beliefs about the nature of objects and reality. i have stated more than once that i love to talk about buddhism and would love to have discussions about it on a regular, sheduled basis. i have struggled through my own mental processes as i recognized attachment to impermanent things. i tried to appreciate the green growing in my yard at 7 am. i talked to a physics major about the relationship between quantum physics and buddhist thought. he had come across a book Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics that essentially is a primer on q.p. with some connection to buddhism. i had spoken to no one else who could say they understood it the same way. i once tried to come up with a theory that aristotle got some of his philosophy from the buddha (course the timeline does not work out), but q.p. is much more fertile area for this.

i have talked hegel, plato, aristotle and whole bunch of authors i do not yet know. i have defended men that i used to despise. i received a very inspiring comment from a friend. i tried to live like everyday was the last. i am, after all, just one speck of dust in this big universe.

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