philosophical ramblings as the sun rises

this morning around 8-10 AM, a friend and i had a somewhat heated discussion about philosophy and teleology. it was heated because her and i were not agreeing on much–and had had no sleep for who knows how damn long. here is a sum up, of sorts, of my points.

there is no purpose to our existence. the fact that we are sentient beings is a cosmic and random accident; a mere by-product of probability in such a vast universe. just because we can ask why? does not mean that there is an answer. life itself is random. people have free will and pre-determination is non-existent.

when one is dead, that is it. your ego and conciousness is just a result of the chemical processes going on in one’s head. i believe in an aristotilean soul i.e. the soul represents nothing but pure potentiality. a thing that possesses potential has soul, those without have none. when we are dead the potential of our complex mind-body ceases. that energy will return to whence it came and become other things, just as those items that make us up in the present were once part of things and matter in times of pre-history.

sure it sounds bleak and without hope to some, but what can i say? these are just my own observations borne from my years on this planet. does this mean that all things suck and i have given up? no. things are as they are (not my phrase). pain and pleasure are two sides of the coin, that is what makes the world beautiful. one without the other is nothingness. everything shares in this experience and one can either choose to suffer its randomness or embrace it.

but hey that’s just my opinion…

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