beautiful people versus materialism

so, as anti-materialist as i am i have my desires. a BIG tv, nice stereo, **word deleted**. but as i talk more and more with my beautiful muse, i realize what i really think is important. a conversation i had many months ago is an illustration:

me: i spend alot of money on beer. someone else: i would not spend many on that. i would rather spend money on “this or that” (whatever he said). my thoughts, unspoken: screw that. who the hell is gonna appreciate that? no one is gonna remember that shit when you are dead. i dont want to be on my death bad saying shit like, “oh that car and house and bank account were worth my entire freakin existence.”

no. all we have in the end is what we did. the friends we had and the times we shared. how we treated people and what we DID. not what we purchased. not your fucking job, not your fucking khakis, or your trophy wife. you can not take it with you. and the only people who care about that material shit is the people who want to have it after you are gone.

screw that. my beer expenditure represents the times i had and the feelings and moments i shared with beautiful people i got to know in this life. it is the only one you got. live it as if you were to die tomorrow.

the only moment we all have is this one we are living RIGHT NOW.

–sorry about all the yelling–

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