Socrates and patriotism

A few weeks ago my boss asked me why it was that people (liberals) seem to hate this country and if in fact they did, why do they not just leave?

At the time I told him that it was not as easy as just leaving. To immigrate to Canada it takes more than a year and can cost a few thousand dollars if you get a lawyer…

Today however, I was contemplating this question again and Socrates came to mind. I thought to myself that Socrate’s examined life was exactly how the vigilant democrat must be. That is, Socrates thought that in order to lead a good life, a man must constantly reflect on his life and deeds. Only through this introspection could the good and right be found.

So, I went back to my boss today and discussed with him this idea that blind patriotism represented an unexamined life. Blind patriotism is the ultimate sin against the republic because it means that citizens are not thinking anymore. Freedom and liberty require vigilance, thought and action that question what we are doing and why. Is it the right thing? Could it be done better? When we all give this prerogative up to our elected leaders we hammer more nails into the coffin of democracy.

This unthinking acceptance of the powers-that-be also seems to me to be participating in the ultimate flaw of the ego. What you say? The flaw is found in man’s ablility to distinguish himself from other beings and that leads most men to think that DIFFERENCE means SUPERIORITY. The ego is true when we discover the other but we falsify this dichotomy by inputting hierarchy and subordination of the self over the other.

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