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this is gonna be quick, not because i am in a hurry but because lately i have been having a hard time thinking about what to write about. for quite some time now i have been ranting, raving, arguing and discussing politics and culture with folks. i guess even though i know that we can not all agree on everything, i have to admit that i am getting more and more frustrated.

for hours and hours i discuss with friends politics and such. one of two things invariably happens. we all either agree to disagree or we all seem to share the same sentiments but can not agree on the methods by which to achieve our goals.

i dont know. maybe i am just tired. perhaps i have lost my path and hope that by learning something for myself that i could some how contribute to the world. yes, perhaps even help others to see some reason in all the ambiguity and chaos. but, it seems that no matter what we all seem to be operating from pre-conceived notions of things that impair us from coming to agreement on things. we share the same aspirations and values quite often, but we all seem to have a different road map by which we have been traveling and are unwilling or incapable of letting go of that map to explore other regions.

or maybe i just like to complain…

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  1. name withheld Says:

    (I inevitably get sucked into some political/philosophical rant when hanging out. And yeah, I bitch about it.

    Philosophical/political/insertsomethingserioushere conversations in group gatherings alienate EVERYONE else in the room, frustrate the hell out of bystanders who are trying to hit on you, and of course, they rarely, if ever get anywhere.

    C’mon. We’re drunk and on God only knows what else. Maybe not the best time to wax world views? Just My Opinion…)

  2. Administrator Says:

    this has got to be the one of the most funny comments i have recieved and so very fucking true. so maybe that is why i am still single after all this time–too much waxing philosophic about politics and bullshit, slamming my beer mug on the bar and scaring away the ladies with shouts like “how the hell can you possibly argue that x = y and y = z but z does not = x?” thanks for the heads up!

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