Immigration and the Census

According to recent reports from the Census Bureau, white Anglo_Saxons will be a minority in this country before long (a recent article is here). This is only fitting in my view, after all, this was someone else’s land before we got here, was it not? I wonder how most people feel about this subject though.

I know the media would have me believe that Americans are up in arms about immigrants diluting our heritage and culture. I know that many people would have me believe that all these immigrant protests are upsetting people and backfiring in the face of the movement. Admittedly, I have met one or two folks that really are paranoid about our culture being destroyed by these “lazy, no-job-having welfare aliens”, but most of these folks still believe that WMDs were found in Iraq. So… Even more amazing, one of these cases is actually worried about our “white culture” and he isn’t even white!

CNN writes:

Hispanics accounted for 1.3 million of that (2.8 million) increase (in USA population), with 800,000 attributable to natural causes — births minus deaths — rather than immigration.

My question about this statement is this: What exactly is “natural causes” supposed to mean? So, birth and death are natural but people moving across an arbitrarily chosen, imaginary line is not?

People all over the south are taking measures into their own hands when it comes to immigration (see an article here and a website here). Immigration opponents are claiming that aliens take away jobs from natives and drive down wages. I guess their argument is that minimum wage laws do not work and that lots of native-born Americans would jump at the chance to pick strawberries or work in a textile factory for $2 dollars an hour. Or that if those damn immigrants would just go away, the farmers and owners of these places would gladly higher fat Americans to do the job for three times the price.

I wonder, has anyone thought about how immigration affects the unemployment rate? If we did not have several million immigrants in this country to do work many are not willing to do, how many more jobs would get sucked out of the country to places like Mexico and China, where labor is abominally cheap? In the past decade or two the US has beceome a service industry country. Do you know how prevalent immigrants and aliens are in the hospitality industry? Big. I think some 33-40% of our entire gross domestic product is from service industry jobs. That means that a significant portion of our national wealth is the result of our “lazy, no-job-having welfare aliens”. Hmmm.

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