Cut-And-Run…perhaps our only option.

March 11th, 2007

Hard and soft power are the two main ways to coerce international agreement. On the one hand, hard power is immediate, and forces one party into submission by the other’s (usually military) dominance. It was this kind of tactic that the Bush administration used when it declared that the mission was accomplished in Iraq. However, like most situations involving instant gratification, the desired result was short lived. The only way to perpetuate the domination, is to perpetuate the use of hard power. The same is true for soft power, only soft power is easier to live with. Negotiations, often beneficial to both parties, and the influx of trade and business often result in a long-term solution.

To succeed in our effort to stabilize Iraq using hard power, we would need a much more intensified effort with much higher troop levels. This means that we would need to build, and maintain, a dominant military force that would stay there for several decades. We are not prepared to do that and so, we remain in Iraq as the situation continues to get worse. Our military presence there is quickly becoming unwelcome by the populace, and we continue to loose support from other nations, resulting from our misuse of hard power. Bottom line, we are not prepared to do the job right. And so the situation in Iraq is now a conflagration that we are stuck with. For quite a while, I have been supporting the cut-and-run strategy. Feeling duped as an American (although I never thought there was WMDs, or any other viable threat present in Iraq), and spiteful toward the shit-kicking cowboy that is president Bush, I just wanted out of there. I really don’t want to see any more of our men and women die for the precarious reasons of this administration.

My position was mainly due to the various issues that need our attention. For instance, Europe is concentrating on slowing the affects of global warming, and as the primary contributors to the problem, I feel we should be focusing on the issue as well. Additionally, China may have finally produced a working model for Communist governance but is doing so at a great cost to the environment. Also, while I think their economic progress is great, I’m concerned about how their military capabilities might affect the United States. I feel that we need to concern ourselves more with the implications of what China may become, and how we can acclimate our own economy to an inevitable paradigm shift that will take place. Another constant worry is nuclear non-proliferation. Iran may be currently working with North Korea to obtain nuclear power. Although we are not sure what kind of nuclear power Iran wants to possess, we do know that they are in need of it for both types of applications.

When I think of all of the above, I am enraged when I think about the War On Terror debacle. What was our rush to use hard power? It was President Bush with his big red, white, and blue stick, saying “do what I say, or else”. Our use of soft power, on the other hand, has produced a better relationship with North Korea in a much shorter span of time. North Korea has decided to comply with US requests to disarm. So it would seem that despite the Bush administration’s position of no negotiations with terrorists (or those powers on the axis of evil list), just this latest use of diplomatic power has produced the desired result we were looking for with Iraq. So now US is finally talking with Iran, and I think that soft power will prevail again. So has Bush become a big boy, and learned his lesson at the expense of 407 billion dollars, 3,109 soldiers and perhaps 30,000 civilian lives? Maybe he has, but we still have to finish what we started in Iraq.

So here’s my problem. Although I hate the war in Iraq, I must concede that it may not end with us pulling out and allowing two warring factions to fend for themselves in a state of civil war. Ted Koppel made the point on Meet The Press this morning, that leaving Iraq now would spread a national civil war into a regional civil war. Given that the world relies on this region for so much of its oil, obviously we cannot let that happen. So we are stuck with this situation in Iraq, and no way out except to stabilize the country. So what now? Some say that we need to separate the country into three segments or provinces, allowing each faction representation in governing a religiously segregated state. Im not sure that people will give up their olive trees though. I don’t think they will take leaving their homes lightly. Additionally, the Kurds will have a beautiful region in the North while the other two factions will have a barren war zone to rebuild, which won’t be ignored. Finally, given that the source of conflict is religiously based, Im not very confident that they will be cooperative with each other in government. They each feel entitled to the land and its resources, and they will each fight for a larger piece of Oil revenues. We have to find a way to end sectarian violence. That is the only answer. But what if the root to the violence is American occupation? Would that mean that once the Americans withdraw, the violence would end? I can’t help but think that both the Suni and Sheite factions are saying “fuck you Americans, we don’t want your help. We know what you do with countries you “help” and we don’t want your corporate domination here”. It would explain why they blow up everything we try to build, and sabotage every program we initiate. Is it possible that all this could be over if we leave and stop feeling as though we need to be babysitters to their people? Could it be true that our Western philosophies are the primary source of this conflict? If you say no, your fooling yourself.

I have been a supporter of the Cut-And-Run policy, but I don’t pretend that it’s going to be that cut and dry. I support a withdraw to see what will happen, because everything we have tried to do up to this point has failed. I don’t know if it is right or if it too will fail. I just think that a pull-back will allow us to regroup, assess the situation a little better, and then we can decide what to do. I mean, let’s be honest, the resources there are important to industry in America. We cannot lose that region to civil war. If we do, the global demand for oil will rise and we will be in a world of hurt. If a reduction in American military presence causes the Iraqi people to calm down and rebuild their state, great. If it ends in more civil war though, at least we could rule the option of leaving out. At that point, if we do decide to go back in, at least we will know what to expect and maybe we can be better prepared. I think it is obvious to everyone that our current effort in Iraq is going nowhere. We need an option, and at this point, giving the Iraqi people a chance at self governance is the only option we have. -knockemdown

Crazy morning

February 3rd, 2007

So I wake up Friday morning, late for work as usual, and I race to take a shower, get dressed, and get out of the house drinking some type of caffeinated beverage. After a long conversation over the internet with my buddy, I finally get ready to go when I get a new e-mail. It’s from this person I’m selling a 1987 Pontiac Trans-am to over for $1900. They tell me they have sent me Postal Money Orders via UPS in the amount of $3800. I am further instructed to cash them, and send $1800 to an “auto shipper” in Orlando via Western Union. I walk out the door, and there it is, a UPS sticker indicating that the package is at the office of my apartment complex. I jump in my truck, and anxiously cruise faster than normal toward the office, when suddenly I catch a glimpse of bright pink in the corner of my eye. I slow down, and I see a three year old girl with a pink sweat suit standing alone in the middle of the street. I don’t know what I thought was worse, the fact that a parent would allow such a thing to happen, or the fact that a passing car merely swerved around her as if she was a lifeless obstacle. I, being the hero that I am, got out of my car and proceeded to walk toward the little girl. At first I was going to try and goo-goo ga-ga her, but I didn’t want to come across as a weirdo if anybody came out and saw me. So I decided to walk calmly toward her with an expressionless face, which scared the living shit out of her. However, terrorizing her had a positive effect. She ran straight home and I was spared having to knock on several doors before finding the rightful owner of this child. I give her a big smile as I reach her desperately trying to open the door to an apartment. “Where’s your mommy? Is your mommy home?” I ask with a Cheshire cat smile. “My daddy” she says smiling back. I crack the door open and say “Hello?”. Suddenly, a small rumble slowly grows louder as a large black dog comes into sight at the top of the stairs. The dog creeps slowly down step by step, snarling at me as I hold this little girl by the arm. Then, as if she recognized the dog, the little girl pushed on the door to walk inside, but I quickly restrained her from opening the door so I don’t get attacked by the dog. “Wait! What am I dong to this little girl” I think to myself as I keep her from going inside. For a brief moment, I ready myself to shove her in and quickly slam the door closed. However, if she chose the wrong house and didn’t even know the doggy, that might not end well. “YO!” I scream as a man finally appears. “GET INSIDE!” he screams at the little girl, and she finally breaks down screaming and crying as he approaches me at the front door. “I was just passing by and she was there in the street” I explain to the man. Shocked, he shakes my hand and thanks me. I tell him “have a nice day asshole”, but leave the asshole part out, and go to the office. Inside the UPS envelope there are four Postal Money Orders. “Great!” I think to myself, “good as gold”. So I go to my bank and walk up to the teller inside. I hand her the four money orders and ask her how I deposit them. “Do you know the people who gave these to you” she asks. “No” I tell her, “they’re from a person Im selling a car to online”. She asks me to sit in the lobby while she checks on them. I sit down and watch her through the glass cubicle. Eventually another person shows up, and then another, and then a woman comes out and says “you didn’t sell the car yet, did you?” They were fake money orders, and thanks to the folks at my bank, I was not victimized by a scam. After filing with the FBI and the Postal inspector, I finally made it to work. Walking to my desk I hear “DAMN BOY! BOUT TIME YOU MADE IT “. I tried to tell him the whole story, but he said I was full of shit. It was a crazy morning.

Just a bursting bubble of bullshit

November 9th, 2006

Well hello again, and welcome to another blog by yours truly. Over the last few blogs, I have addressed some of the blatant decomposition of our Civil Liberties. The NSA warrantless wiretapping, Eminent Domain as a means for private companies to take private properties away from their rightful owners and now the  Military Commissions Act of 2006 which was passed by both houses in the Legislature and signed into law by the President on October 17th. If you don’t know what this little bill is, you should. Whether or not you’re conscious of world events, this law effects everyone. Here is a little rundown from our friends at Wikipedia. In a very small nutshell, this law suspends the Writ of Habeas Corpus. For those of you who do not know what that is, its your right (bestowed to you as a citizen of America by the Constitution) to demand a reason for being detained and to defend yourself in court. Now, many people claim that this new law only applies to  alien combatants , but this is false. The law does not in any way exclude US Citizens. John Walker Lindh, José Padilla, Yaser Hamdi, are but a few examples where the Bush administration was forced to respect the Civil Liberties that this new law destroys. It is the deterioration of the liberties that makes things so scary to me, because under it the President could deem the you and I enemy combatants for any number of reasons without giving us a chance to defend ourselves. The law further condones the use of Torture such as water boarding. Water boarding is a technique whereby the person is subjected to mental and physical torture by bringing them to the brink of drowning, and then reviving them. Its use by the Japanese in WWII sentenced a general to 15 years hard labor, and now were using it against our own enemies without any regard for human rights.
So its now confirmed, the Democrats have control of the Legislature. A movement toward progress right? But who are the Democrats? Im afraid that I can’t pin them down without comparing them to the Republicans. Honestly, Im not sure what to think of this recent power shift. Many of the folks I speak with identify the Democrats as people who will fight for the wadge slave, the honest joe, and minorities. Others may think that the Democrats are going to tax their way out of the country’s problems in a sort of Robin Hood syndrome that attacks big business and the rich, thereby impeding economic progress. Is this really the case though? I mean, its not like we’ve reduced the defense budget since the end of the cold war. Its not like past Democratic Regimes haven’t involved us in warrantless and pointless wars either. Democrats have their own agenda. Despite all the optimistic harangues with their ambiguous verbiage that prevaricate the issues for the American public, I really don’t see the bright future that “liberal” media envisions. Looking back, the media’s prescient forecasting was just a little too close for comfort. I guess my point is that Democrat or Republican, you only get either side of the same coin. Although its been deemed pointless by many, the only way to truly take back this country is to get new parties and candidates. Otherwise I feel as though we general public people are stuck in the swinging pendulum of power, in this hypnagogic state of denial, which leads us toward one end of the power struggle, and then toward the other. I voted for Nader, and I voted for Max Linn in the Florida election. Its not that I think they’re so much better, its just that I want more choices and I feel like voting for them is voting for that choice. So I hate to burst the bubble for the Democrats, but I think there will be little in the way of positive change for the average American, especially since now we’re so used to this level of oppression. If anything the Dems will only take the heat for what is already inevitable blowback from the Bush regime, and everyone will vote Republican again. Oh well, fuck it, Im going to the bar.
- knockemdown

Digital Deleting

September 24th, 2006

In Florida, we have electronic voting. This type of voting is rather controversial because of some affiliations regarding the manufacturer and inventor’s political preference for the Republican party. Now I can agree with many of my counterparts, there ARE some interesting questions that arise from a digital method of voting. For one, there is no paper trail. So a recount with any true accuracy is always questionable. I also saw this special on C-SPAN with a guy who specializes in internet and network security. He was saying that the coding for the system was easily manipulated and full of “bugs”. Additionally, he said that the machines were only tested with 100 votes for accuracy before sending them out. I remember him saying that “theoretically, someone could program the machines to work correctly for the first 100 votes, and then start slanting the numbers toward a favored political party”.

Given this little tidbit of info, it dawned on me that it would behoove someone, who definitely wanted to have their vote count, to vote by absentee or mail-in ballot. Why do I go through this whole explanation? Well, because last week I got a letter from Jeb Bush, asking me to submit a mail-in ballot instead of going to the polls. The letter began “Dear fellow Republican (Im listed a Republican only because when I first registered to vote, I thought it meant less government) we appreciate all the support you’ve given the Republican party and want to make sure your vote is counted for this up coming election”. No jive, that’s what it said. I immediately called my friend and asked if he had received a similar letter, perhaps from the Democratic party, but he had not. We both thought about how strange it all was and that, considering the new voting machines were implemented under Jeb Bush, it seemed a little suspicious. Anyway I ignored it all, writing it all off as a stupid conspiracy theory and a bunch of hooey. That is, until two days ago when I was automatically sent the mail-in ballot.

So what does this mean? Now, granted its not the smoking gun but I cant just disregard it. I mean, why would the Republican party be so insistent on having me send in a mail-in ballot? Ignoring it would be an act of denial, right? Im reading this one author, and he said “George Orwell was an optimist. You don’t have to go to totalitarian lengths to get people to live in denial, you just have to ease them into it”. More and more I feel like this is what is happening to America. Oil, for instance is so precious that we are willing to call it a war crime if you fuck with it like Sadam did. As is using the weapons we supply other countries to fights our wars against us when we are doing the conquering. Yet, we can’t provide adequate healthcare for our citizenry but we’ll still invade a country at the drop of a hat. I know that sounds like the typical stab at the Bush administration, but its true. Isn’t it? - Knockemdown

Nihilist view

September 6th, 2006

Im tired. I tell as many people as I can about the evils of free market economics but barely get through to anyone. Those who do listen, myself included, are either unable or unwilling to do anything to about its growing support by America. So I’ve come to one simple conclusion: we are all under the perception that the best way to live is through cut-throat capitalism. Its kind of like a game that we all decided to play where those who have the money maintain control over those that don’t. Under this construct, it becomes clear that the object of the game (or life as we like to call it) is to accumulate wealth and place as many people under us as possible. In a situation like this greed, gluttony and deceit are essential to perpetuate the game. So why do we maintain these values of honesty and charity in our culture? I mean, given the lies and betrayal we receive from corporations and government officials, clearly these traits are foolish to perpetuate. In America and around the world, society has been thought to be the state of living together, of not being alone in the state of nature. Yet here I am left screaming the virtue bestowed upon me by my parent, sibling, church and school only to be ridiculed as a fool for my positions. Today everyone endorses the self-centered ideology of free market capitalism. So now a system that we all call society is now all at once deserting its purpose, leaving most of its people alone and helpless under its control. So why don’t we encourage our children to strive for money and power rather than peace and nurturing enlightenment? If the trajectory of this nation, of this economy, is toward the self regulation of market economics why not prepare our children accordingly? In my opinion, teaching them anything else except competition, market domination, and methods of control, would cause them to become conflicted, hindering their chances to make it to the top. After all, it is the top that everyone must strive for in order to survive in such an economy. Fuck social progress, that stuff’s for loosers. Perhaps the solution to stop market economics and egocentrism is to accelerate its development so that it falls apart due to a lack of integrity. - Knockemdown

Quick Rant

August 19th, 2006

As you may or may not be aware, the war on terror is terrorizing me. Im afraid of our government and what it may do next to further reign in control over Americans. This scary series of events unfolded in front of our eyes and we have done nothing about it. I often think to myself, why, why on earth would a majority of American citizens not only tolerate this kind of political usurpation, but vote it into a second term? Well, recently I became another working cog in the corporate rat race of America. Im in the next to bottom rung of the totem pole here and I strive every day to keep up. It’s very time and energy consuming. In fact, it’s an ingenious way to keep Americans apathetic to the happenings of law and politics.

We don’t live the wars our government creates. We experience a big catastrophe (the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9-11etc.) and then our government uses these catastrophic events to generate public support for war. The Iraq war differs from wars such as WWII, however,where there was clearly an imminent threat. Iraq never attacked us, the American government just declared a war on terrorism and used the ambiguous nature of the concept to justify the invasion of Iraq. Why? I think its because Iraq was a nation that offered a great location for a military stronghold, a load of exploitable natural resources, and a government that was weak and easy to defeat. Its about taking control over the region. My fear stems from the fact that we don’t really need control over the middle east to produce the result we have accomplished today. We could have done a better job curbing war and terror by funding homeland security and building aliances with countries in need of development. Instead, it seems that we decided to take the offensive for an indefinite amount of time, invading and controlling other nations either through American-funded foreign military or through our own “security” forces. As Americans we only experience the war during the well-censured nightly news. We only feel the pains of war in the most superficial way, in our pocket books and at the pump. Only exposed to partial truths about whats happening through corporate-dominated media gives us little to pay attention to; and its easy to see why people fit themselves into just two political parties and tow the line. They even get mad when someone like Ralph Nader interrupts the sequence with another choice.

Power and its abuse was the primary fear of the founding fathers who created democracy to ballance power and keep man from accumulating excessive control. Today, however, I believe our government is corrupted. Ever since 2000, voting has become an inefficient means to determine the will of the people. It is clear to me that Bush stole that election, and that he perfected the practice by introducing a digitized database to tally the votes without a paper trail, beguiling an election that represents the general public. In effect, voting has become the opiate of the masses.

So we go through our lives and remain completely oblivious to the problems we will eventually be forced to face once its too late. Today the government continues its attempt to breach the limits of power set forth by our founders and then capitalize off it. The war in Iraq is fought by young and poor individuals lured in by enticing offers, only to die without realizing them. To date, almost as many Americans have died in the Iraq war as in the World Trade Center. I think a typical citizenry would eventually become fed up with the situation and revolt; but our attention is so often diverted by other issues such as Israel and its conflicts with Palestine and Lebanon. Like the US, Israel rose from the depths of persecution and hate, only to become a tyrant themselves. Additionally, movies like Wold Trade Center and the latest foiled terrorist plan in London, keep the fear factor strong. And it all paves the way for more control to the government through things like the Specter-Cheney Bill and the NSA spying that it condones. Finally, the government is privatizing and giving large over-budget contracts to private entities, which are often tied in with the politicians themselves i.e. Haliburton.

So what do we make of all this? Im not sure what to do. On the one hand I would encourage anyone to do things like support the ACLU, which has recently one a small battle in a Michigan federal court against NSA wiretapping. Plus, judges are cracking down on corporate malfeasance such as the recent Merck decisons in Texas and New Jersey that hold the company liable for the detramental effects of its drug Viox. I guess this really is a rant because I present little in the way of viable solutions and mostly offer complaints about the current situation. I suppose that I should come to a clear and definite point, but I have to go to work and this is all I have time to think of right now. Well, I’m off — Knockemdown.

A new month for blogging issues

July 31st, 2006

Its just another day for me and another try to write something substantial rather than mere blabber. My latest craze has been the Specter-Cheney bill currently in congress. Im upset because the bill threatens to dissolve my right to privacy and from warrantless search. The bill will allow the president to conduct unwarranted wiretaps and other electric surveillance as part of his emergency wartime powers. The legislation will allow for the president to seek advice from a judiciary council, but he does not need their approval to conduct these searches. The worst part of all this is that it trumps the senate and the judiciary’s ability to check the presidents abuse of power. Any law suit against the president’s actions, according to the bill, will be brought before a secret court which can deny or excuse a suit in the name of protecting state secrets, and does not require the prosecution to present its case. To make matters worse, the executive appoints the justices to this secret court. The whole thing ignores all the war treaties on war crime including the Geneva Conventions and Hague conventions. It even ignores the recent Hamdan decision by the Supreme Court which rules that military tribunals lack the authority to try an individual for participating in a conspiracy to commit war crimes. Its like Animal Farm and 1984 all rolled into a bill that is in the hands of the Senate Judiciary committee and on its way to the senate floor.

You’d think that there would be a blerp on TV about this US Patriot Act on Steroids (as the ACLU calls it) but no, nothing from your trusty nine media companies who control what you know. Well the really disturbing thing to all this is that my life is no loner even worth watching. I go to work, I come home, I drink a beer and have sex. Thats my day, nothing substantial really, but so tiring. All I can do today is believe that I am working toward a better future, that somehow Im going in the right direction. Its called denial.


A sad, pathetic, complaint

July 1st, 2006

Im Late…..

Fuck it I’m late, again. I recently graduated from my undergraduate studies and entered the real world, for a little while anyway. Now that I’m working all the time it seems typical that I long for college life. I knew this would be the case, after all, everyone told me so. But unlike many of the good ol’ day’s stories that I hear, for me it’s the learning and studying time that I miss. Working as much as I do is necessary for me to survive on my own and it tires me out. No longer do I concern myself with the plight of the outside world. I mean, sometimes Ill take a look but mostly I’m working on my own life. I now understand the apathy of the American public; I am one of the apathetic.

Everyday I come home too tired to read or even think, I don’t even want to watch TV. I practice this one thing I’m learning on guitar and I hang with my girl. The crazy thing is I’m the happiest man in the world at those moments. It’s not until the morning that I realize the mind numbing effect of typical American life. Yesterday I saw a lady outside the supermarket petitioning for an elected county mayor instead of an appointed one. I thought to myself “how does she know about that? I didn’t know our county mayor wasn’t appointed”. I was even a little jealous that I hadn’t done something like that lately. I thought that by now I’d be doing something more, but the energy necessary to do anything substantial is lacking after a hard day of selling my labor.

It seems to me that once you leave school you stick yourself into a slot and burry your head. I mean, most people don’t seem to like their current status in life but do everything to maintain the monotony. It’s just that the thought of risking all I have for a better life seems like a crapshoot. I’m too afraid of not paying bills so I stay with a life I’m disappointed in. No matter how bad it gets, for some reason I feel compelled to stay and work because I know what to expect from it. Fuck it, I’m not going to work today its fucken Saturday. There, there it is again, the pain shooting through my head that tells me “you’re not really serious, are you?” So what the hell do I do? I go to work.

Love and Marriage

May 20th, 2006

Today I’m in Wisconsin, Viroqua Wisconsin to be exact, and it’s really a nice little place with gorgeous whether today. My good friend is getting married today which is the reason I am here. So for this post, I’d like to talk about marriage. Marriage is supposed to be the ultimate commitment to your partner under god however; it seems that it’s become more of a tradition than an actual practice of religious faith. In fact, it’s become more of a legal proceeding than anything else. Today marriage is pushed on society through tradition, endorsed by religion, and enforced by the law. It’s one aspect of American life where there is surely not enough separation of church and state.
My mom always told me never to get married, she’d been married three times since she had me, and yet she just recently remarried. (How hypocritical is that?) Most people who are married tell me that it’s the pits. My friend and I were talking about his marriage and the option of divorce that so many take these days. We spoke of an apparent change that people undergo for no apparent reason other than to comply with the status quo. Many of the new marriages wind up in divorce, and divorce court. With regard to his own marriage, he says “{divorce} is not a question of if, but a question of when”. He even told me to relay a message to my friend as he takes the plunge in Viroqua, he said “tell him there’s still time, and not to do it, RUN!”
So if marriage is an institution that drives thirty-eight percent of America to abandon ship, why do we continue to do it? I mean that statistic is true whether its church goers or not. If you ask me, I think that the ultimate commitment is not marriage. The ultimate commitment is to believe in the love that two people share as free individuals without the spurious security of a ring, a legal document, and a religious blessing. If two people want to be together under god then fine, let them go to church but don’t require a legally binding document and marriage license. If two people want to be viewed together by the state as one legal entity, fine, let them form that union and allow them to reap the benefits despite their age, sexual preference, or religious beliefs. I don’t see why love needs to be institutionalized.
So now I’m going to this wedding and I hope for the best for my friend. He’s a smart guy and I’m sure he’s making a decision based on his own best interests. I remember when he proposed to her in New York City (he’s got me running all around for this deal) and his proposal went something to the tune of “I’d like to propose a merger of our two families” as if it were a business transaction. I laughed about it then, but now that I think about it I realize it was a smart way of thinking about marriage. He has accepted it for what it is and understands the implications beyond that of societal traditions. That’s why he has my blessing today, he loves his girl and they’re becoming partners in business and in life.
It’s a beautiful day for a wedding here in Viroqua, 70 degrees with a nice breeze and blue sky. I miss my girl on a day like this, she’s home because the only way I could afford this whole trip is to fly on my mom’s husband’s buddy pass on standby (see, marriage is good for something) and I got the last seat on the plane. The two of us would have never made it together and seeing as the groom was my friend first, I got to go. Well I’m at public library and time is running out so, see ya next time - knockemdown

Keep on Keepin On

May 17th, 2006

Are we all disillusioned? Recently I began to work like all the rest of the world and Im becoming the apathetic, robotic, drone that I complain about all the time. Id like to do something about the environment, about the mess of a government we have and about all the other problems facing us, but I put making money first. Well, when I say making money, I really mean making a living. Capitalism is slowly taking over. I suddenly feel the need to attain all the wealth so I can attain piece of mind, im terrified of being poor.
Certainly I cannot rely on the government to take care of me If I cant generate enough money to live. This regime has all of America’s assets tied up in profit making schemes to worry about social welfare. What a crock of shit this whole neo-liberalism thing is. It should be called neo-wealth distribution. Thats what it is, its a way to use tax money to make the wealthy rich. Honestly though, nobody cares. The warrantless phone tapping by the CIA and all the other things this administration has done to trump civil liberties has turned up no major opposition. All I can do is write and keep some kind of will to fight alive. Ill agree that this post is not much and almost not worth reading, but the fact that I write it invigorates me. I may not be a revolutionary, but Im trying. Keep on trying - knockemdown