28-Mile Virtual I Spy

Please gleam over this article about our latest defense system against the evil space invaders before reading on…… Gosh, I’m sooo happy that we finally crafted a solution to catching all those illegal immigrants crossing our boarders. Never mind that they used “multi billions” of dollars to protect a mere 28 miles. Come on, we need the immigrants. Everyone knows that. Who’s gonna do all the shitty work nobody else wants to do? Ok, so they take a large portion of the unskilled labor work. But who cares? Can’t we be a little more resourceful in dealing with this problem? I don’t see why we should continue to support cheap labor abroad, if we aren’t able to accept it here at home. There’s got to be a better alternative to high tech phallic symbols of American insecurity. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve had a few before writing this. I just think that if they are going to build spy towers in the name of national security, they should have a little style. How about giant middle fingers with speakers that blare “fuck you, get away!” in the corresponding language?- knockemdown

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  1. noncompliant Says:

    fucking hilarious!!

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