New York Airport Shutdown

You may have heard by now, but up until 45 minutes ago, New York’s JFK airport was completely shut down. I only know because I knew someone that was in the security line before entering the terminal. According to my source, a man or woman ran passed the security checkpoint, and into a crowd where they blended in and seemed to have escaped capture. They shut down one of the most busiest airports in the nation to capture this guy. And, they called back all the planes that took off during the minutes after the security breach. Everyone in the airport was detained, and every piece of luggage searched. Finally, they caught the culprit (or whomever they thought was the culprit) and service resumed. However, for almost five hours, no one came in or out of JFK. So why am I telling you all this? Because there was no news coverage of the event.

I just saw a news report on the growing conditions of strawberries. Surely they could make time to mention a National security breach. But, no such report has appeared on any network TV station. So what’s the deal? Are they trying to keep people calm and comfortable about air travel? According to my reporter, TSA and the airline had no idea what to do with the situation. They became flustered when someone actually had the balls to test their strength, and now they had no idea what to do. The fact that they breached the tough and through facade of TSA security, and even shut down the airport, is a major embarrassment. Frankly, I find it downright scarey that someone was easily lost after simply running through the gauntlet of prying hands and a sub-machine gun carrying Homeland Security officer. What’s more scarey however, is that nobody reported the incident. It just goes to show that you can’t trust corporate-owned media to report the truly news-worthy stories. Some will say that reporting such a story at the time of the incident would incite a riot. I say, take responsibility for your shitty security, TSA. I’m surprised the culprit wasn’t streaking - knockemdown

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