It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Well I would just like to wish all those who read this blog a happy St. Patrick’s day. Like most American holidays, St. Patrick’s day originated as a religious holy day. It marked the end of Lent, lifting the prohibition on eating meat. It was traditionally celebrated by eating bacon and cabbage (not corned beef) in Ireland, and this day was typically an alcohol-free event. In fact, many of the provinces closed its pubs in observation of the saint that brought Christianity to the shamrock nation. Nevertheless, Americans have come to recognize the day as another reason to inebriate themselves, paint the town and rivers green, and claim the small percentage of Irish heritage they know nothing about. There’s even the mythology of the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. Not unlike the “American Dream” the story entails a delusional search for treasure at the end of a rainbow, only to be fooled out of it by a tiny little leprechaun. Well, if for no better reason, St. Patrick’s day serves as a day of nationalistic pride for those people maintaining their Irish roots in America. So to all those with a little Irish in em’, bless your little Irish heart…..and every other Irish part. - knockemdown

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