The Iranian/Russion fusion

Today’s press release by Russia regarding its cooperative effort with Iran to develop nuclear capabilities raises some interesting questions about Iran’s motives. For the last couple of years, Iran has insisted that it is trying to develop nuclear technologies for peaceful applications rather than a military arsenal. In many respects, I have commended their efforts to find a viable source of energy besides fossil fuel. It has been reported, despite it being its largest export, that oil production is slowing in Iran due to the exploitation of the natural resource. So their desire to achieve a nuclear program for energy is justified. In order to accomplish their goal, they teamed up with Russia, a known expert in nuclear science, and began a successful program with the Bushehr Plant in Tehran. Only, the Iranian government has refused to comply with the demands of the IAEA, and now Russia says that Iran has not fulfilled its end of the bargain. Iran has failed to pay for the Russian-built Plant, and so the two countries are at a standstill on the issue. Russia says that it will not deliver the fuel needed to run the plant until Iran coughs up the cash. Meanwhile, Russia continues to urge Iran to comply with the IAEA, and convince them that their plans are peaceful.

Iran’s move in disregarding the IAEA and the financial obligations with Russia shows me that they may have bad intentions after all. A country in such a dire situation, like Iran, wouldn’t ignore such obligations if they didn’t have an alternate motive. The middle eastern region of the world is in enough turmoil without a nation like Iran possessing nuclear weapons. In a way, Im glad they were delinquent on their commitment with Russia. If they fulfilled their end of the agreement, Im not sure where Russia would stand on IAEA compliance. The fact that the Iranians are dead beats however, slants the Russian factor in our favor. - knockemdown

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