Just a bursting bubble of bullshit

Well hello again, and welcome to another blog by yours truly. Over the last few blogs, I have addressed some of the blatant decomposition of our Civil Liberties. The NSA warrantless wiretapping, Eminent Domain as a means for private companies to take private properties away from their rightful owners and now the  Military Commissions Act of 2006 which was passed by both houses in the Legislature and signed into law by the President on October 17th. If you don’t know what this little bill is, you should. Whether or not you’re conscious of world events, this law effects everyone. Here is a little rundown from our friends at Wikipedia. In a very small nutshell, this law suspends the Writ of Habeas Corpus. For those of you who do not know what that is, its your right (bestowed to you as a citizen of America by the Constitution) to demand a reason for being detained and to defend yourself in court. Now, many people claim that this new law only applies to  alien combatants , but this is false. The law does not in any way exclude US Citizens. John Walker Lindh, José Padilla, Yaser Hamdi, are but a few examples where the Bush administration was forced to respect the Civil Liberties that this new law destroys. It is the deterioration of the liberties that makes things so scary to me, because under it the President could deem the you and I enemy combatants for any number of reasons without giving us a chance to defend ourselves. The law further condones the use of Torture such as water boarding. Water boarding is a technique whereby the person is subjected to mental and physical torture by bringing them to the brink of drowning, and then reviving them. Its use by the Japanese in WWII sentenced a general to 15 years hard labor, and now were using it against our own enemies without any regard for human rights.
So its now confirmed, the Democrats have control of the Legislature. A movement toward progress right? But who are the Democrats? Im afraid that I can’t pin them down without comparing them to the Republicans. Honestly, Im not sure what to think of this recent power shift. Many of the folks I speak with identify the Democrats as people who will fight for the wadge slave, the honest joe, and minorities. Others may think that the Democrats are going to tax their way out of the country’s problems in a sort of Robin Hood syndrome that attacks big business and the rich, thereby impeding economic progress. Is this really the case though? I mean, its not like we’ve reduced the defense budget since the end of the cold war. Its not like past Democratic Regimes haven’t involved us in warrantless and pointless wars either. Democrats have their own agenda. Despite all the optimistic harangues with their ambiguous verbiage that prevaricate the issues for the American public, I really don’t see the bright future that “liberal” media envisions. Looking back, the media’s prescient forecasting was just a little too close for comfort. I guess my point is that Democrat or Republican, you only get either side of the same coin. Although its been deemed pointless by many, the only way to truly take back this country is to get new parties and candidates. Otherwise I feel as though we general public people are stuck in the swinging pendulum of power, in this hypnagogic state of denial, which leads us toward one end of the power struggle, and then toward the other. I voted for Nader, and I voted for Max Linn in the Florida election. Its not that I think they’re so much better, its just that I want more choices and I feel like voting for them is voting for that choice. So I hate to burst the bubble for the Democrats, but I think there will be little in the way of positive change for the average American, especially since now we’re so used to this level of oppression. If anything the Dems will only take the heat for what is already inevitable blowback from the Bush regime, and everyone will vote Republican again. Oh well, fuck it, Im going to the bar.
- knockemdown

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