Digital Deleting

In Florida, we have electronic voting. This type of voting is rather controversial because of some affiliations regarding the manufacturer and inventor’s political preference for the Republican party. Now I can agree with many of my counterparts, there ARE some interesting questions that arise from a digital method of voting. For one, there is no paper trail. So a recount with any true accuracy is always questionable. I also saw this special on C-SPAN with a guy who specializes in internet and network security. He was saying that the coding for the system was easily manipulated and full of “bugs”. Additionally, he said that the machines were only tested with 100 votes for accuracy before sending them out. I remember him saying that “theoretically, someone could program the machines to work correctly for the first 100 votes, and then start slanting the numbers toward a favored political party”.

Given this little tidbit of info, it dawned on me that it would behoove someone, who definitely wanted to have their vote count, to vote by absentee or mail-in ballot. Why do I go through this whole explanation? Well, because last week I got a letter from Jeb Bush, asking me to submit a mail-in ballot instead of going to the polls. The letter began “Dear fellow Republican (Im listed a Republican only because when I first registered to vote, I thought it meant less government) we appreciate all the support you’ve given the Republican party and want to make sure your vote is counted for this up coming election”. No jive, that’s what it said. I immediately called my friend and asked if he had received a similar letter, perhaps from the Democratic party, but he had not. We both thought about how strange it all was and that, considering the new voting machines were implemented under Jeb Bush, it seemed a little suspicious. Anyway I ignored it all, writing it all off as a stupid conspiracy theory and a bunch of hooey. That is, until two days ago when I was automatically sent the mail-in ballot.

So what does this mean? Now, granted its not the smoking gun but I cant just disregard it. I mean, why would the Republican party be so insistent on having me send in a mail-in ballot? Ignoring it would be an act of denial, right? Im reading this one author, and he said “George Orwell was an optimist. You don’t have to go to totalitarian lengths to get people to live in denial, you just have to ease them into it”. More and more I feel like this is what is happening to America. Oil, for instance is so precious that we are willing to call it a war crime if you fuck with it like Sadam did. As is using the weapons we supply other countries to fights our wars against us when we are doing the conquering. Yet, we can’t provide adequate healthcare for our citizenry but we’ll still invade a country at the drop of a hat. I know that sounds like the typical stab at the Bush administration, but its true. Isn’t it? - Knockemdown

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