Nihilist view

Im tired. I tell as many people as I can about the evils of free market economics but barely get through to anyone. Those who do listen, myself included, are either unable or unwilling to do anything to about its growing support by America. So I’ve come to one simple conclusion: we are all under the perception that the best way to live is through cut-throat capitalism. Its kind of like a game that we all decided to play where those who have the money maintain control over those that don’t. Under this construct, it becomes clear that the object of the game (or life as we like to call it) is to accumulate wealth and place as many people under us as possible. In a situation like this greed, gluttony and deceit are essential to perpetuate the game. So why do we maintain these values of honesty and charity in our culture? I mean, given the lies and betrayal we receive from corporations and government officials, clearly these traits are foolish to perpetuate. In America and around the world, society has been thought to be the state of living together, of not being alone in the state of nature. Yet here I am left screaming the virtue bestowed upon me by my parent, sibling, church and school only to be ridiculed as a fool for my positions. Today everyone endorses the self-centered ideology of free market capitalism. So now a system that we all call society is now all at once deserting its purpose, leaving most of its people alone and helpless under its control. So why don’t we encourage our children to strive for money and power rather than peace and nurturing enlightenment? If the trajectory of this nation, of this economy, is toward the self regulation of market economics why not prepare our children accordingly? In my opinion, teaching them anything else except competition, market domination, and methods of control, would cause them to become conflicted, hindering their chances to make it to the top. After all, it is the top that everyone must strive for in order to survive in such an economy. Fuck social progress, that stuff’s for loosers. Perhaps the solution to stop market economics and egocentrism is to accelerate its development so that it falls apart due to a lack of integrity. - Knockemdown

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