A new month for blogging issues

Its just another day for me and another try to write something substantial rather than mere blabber. My latest craze has been the Specter-Cheney bill currently in congress. Im upset because the bill threatens to dissolve my right to privacy and from warrantless search. The bill will allow the president to conduct unwarranted wiretaps and other electric surveillance as part of his emergency wartime powers. The legislation will allow for the president to seek advice from a judiciary council, but he does not need their approval to conduct these searches. The worst part of all this is that it trumps the senate and the judiciary’s ability to check the presidents abuse of power. Any law suit against the president’s actions, according to the bill, will be brought before a secret court which can deny or excuse a suit in the name of protecting state secrets, and does not require the prosecution to present its case. To make matters worse, the executive appoints the justices to this secret court. The whole thing ignores all the war treaties on war crime including the Geneva Conventions and Hague conventions. It even ignores the recent Hamdan decision by the Supreme Court which rules that military tribunals lack the authority to try an individual for participating in a conspiracy to commit war crimes. Its like Animal Farm and 1984 all rolled into a bill that is in the hands of the Senate Judiciary committee and on its way to the senate floor.

You’d think that there would be a blerp on TV about this US Patriot Act on Steroids (as the ACLU calls it) but no, nothing from your trusty nine media companies who control what you know. Well the really disturbing thing to all this is that my life is no loner even worth watching. I go to work, I come home, I drink a beer and have sex. Thats my day, nothing substantial really, but so tiring. All I can do today is believe that I am working toward a better future, that somehow Im going in the right direction. Its called denial.


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