Keep on Keepin On

Are we all disillusioned? Recently I began to work like all the rest of the world and Im becoming the apathetic, robotic, drone that I complain about all the time. Id like to do something about the environment, about the mess of a government we have and about all the other problems facing us, but I put making money first. Well, when I say making money, I really mean making a living. Capitalism is slowly taking over. I suddenly feel the need to attain all the wealth so I can attain piece of mind, im terrified of being poor.
Certainly I cannot rely on the government to take care of me If I cant generate enough money to live. This regime has all of America’s assets tied up in profit making schemes to worry about social welfare. What a crock of shit this whole neo-liberalism thing is. It should be called neo-wealth distribution. Thats what it is, its a way to use tax money to make the wealthy rich. Honestly though, nobody cares. The warrantless phone tapping by the CIA and all the other things this administration has done to trump civil liberties has turned up no major opposition. All I can do is write and keep some kind of will to fight alive. Ill agree that this post is not much and almost not worth reading, but the fact that I write it invigorates me. I may not be a revolutionary, but Im trying. Keep on trying - knockemdown

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