I was reading a little Noam Chomski (I think thats how you spell it) the other day, and he struck a notion that we are as Alexander Hamelton refered to the general public “a great beast”. He talkes about how other more barbaric regimes are considered to be evil, yet as a more “democratic” society, we commit far worse act of evil to gain the same end. Another thing that interested me was that he mentioned how the idea of hope is constantly crushed if it is for something contrary to the agenda of the corporate elite. As Americans I know that we are lied to and that does not surprise me. Its the fact that it is accepted by the general public as long as they are convienent and unobtrusive that worrys me. Its as if we dont care about the slavery associated with debt, or the dead associated with war, as long as “I” dont have to feel the pain. We live in desire, we always want what we dont have, and therefore we will never get what we want. ..And still I continue to try.

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