A quick post on immigration

Id like to take a moment to contemplate what happens when a state sends off half of the poor population to other states, and then holds city elections without them. The city of New Orleans is doing just that. Its like the ultimate gerrymander, most of the black, poor population that made up New Orleans is gone. Now Ray Nagin, the incumbent mayor, is proposing a new development plan for all the land that was bought by developers at forty percent off the pre-Katrina price. The plan is to rebuild the city with urban planning for just half the amount of inhabitants that used to live there. To exacerbate the injustice, citizens that live in other places are disenfranchised because they are too poor to make the trip to New Orleans, or have no idea where to go to vote. Currently there are NGOs that offer services to help the displaced residents, but are not effective enough at getting people to the poles. The amount of displaced is still more than has returned. The number of refugees in Houston alone is enough to win the election. Some estimate that it will be another two years before refugees get back to their city. I fear that they will never make it because their city was washed away and replaced with yuppie condos and subdivisions. New Orleans will not be what it once was, the culture is gone, the town is gone, and the people are gone. I know that the city was not exactly a great place anyway. It had bad crime; there were lots of dilapidated structures and a sanitation problem. But it was what it was; a cultural center for African Americans and now it’s gone…Sad.
As long as Im talking about race and culture, Im wondering what to think about the new legislation for Mexican immigration. In Los Angeles the Mexicans are protesting a dehumanizing piece of legislation. First of all, there is a proposed wall that is to be built on the US/Mexican boarder. I don’t know what the purpose of that is. I mean, these people risk life and limb combating gangs, jumping on and off moving trains, crossing a desert and the threat of being shot, and they think a wall is going to stop them? Second, I don’t know what kind of person would actually support legislation that makes it a felony for being in the US illegally. What’s more is that those who help these people are also subject to criminal prosecution. So a hospital can refuse someone because they aren’t a citizen? “Oh no sorry sir, you can just lie there and die, but not before we book you for entering the US illegally”. I don’t know, maybe there is good reason for all this, its not like they’re good for anything right? I’m sure plenty of Americans will be happy to take jobs picking strawberries at a buck an hour. All I’m saying is, I don’t think putting up walls and legal barriers is the answer. We need to develop a better relationship with our neighbors than that. Besides, we already engage in free trade with Mexico, so it seems kind of silly that their products can come over, but not their people. I gotta go to class…see ya! - Knockemdown

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