The Good Ol Boys Club

Well it seems that the recent Dubai ports deal has fallen due to a blatant prejudice against the United Arab Emirates. Make no mistake about it; the decision was based on the nationality of its people. The company has the best record for port operations in the world; it passed an initial background inspection, and agreed to comply with another inspection as well. There is no reason why this company should not be allowed to operate our ports, as we operate air fields and other facilities in their countries. There is some speculation out there as to the motives behind George Bush’s advocacy for the whole deal, I think we all know that it’s not and altruistic one, but the reasoning behind killing the deal is what bothers me. If we are to push for “free trade” and inundate the rest of the world with American corporate capitalism, how can we deny access to our markets and expect other countries to open theirs up to America? This is nothing but a double standard put up by American industry. I know that’s a harsh statement, but this is not the first time this has happened. It happened with the Unocal deal, it happened with NAFTA and the US (corporate) Farm Bill, and it is also going to happen to CAFTA countries once that trade agreement goes into effect.

I don’t endorse many of these deals in the first place. I didn’t like the Unocal deal for instance, but again I’m simply pointing out the motives here. I don’t like the idea of free trade as it stands today because I think its going to commodify things that shouldn’t be commodities i.e. human beings, and I see these things as major flaws in the theory of free trade. American corporations want to rule the world through maintaining protections for their industries while the rest of the world is subjected to a market economy. One of the largest problems involves our reliance on investment in the US economy. If we put up such a barrier to our markets here, how can we expect continued investment in our economy? Foreign investors will not want to invest in our industries because both the time and money initiating the deal has a good chance of being wasted; and in the event that a foreign company secures American assets, this barrier makes selling them outside America questionable. I guess my whole point is that this is a major embarrassment to America as a nation. It is going to send a message to the world that America has no real interest in forming a communal relationship with nations unlike ours, and that our interest is to exploit their markets and their people.

But let’s not forget whose fault this is….the American voters. That’s right, all those people who blindly follow the status quo and all those people who support this type of action and all the people who refused to vote. Contrary to what my friends believe, I think that ours is a representative government, and we as a civilization decide not to acknowledge the problems we have. We continue to support oil dependency through the use of gas guzzling cars and voting out mass transit. We tolerate the blatant lies about why our men and women are dying in an unnecessary war, and adopt the propaganda against other cultures that the media feeds us. The list continues to encapsulate the situation in which we find ourselves today. The root of all our problems boils down to the way we participate in our politics. We simply don’t demand enough. We don’t demand more parties; we don’t demand politicians that have the interests of the American people in mind. Instead we elect these rich shmucks that operate in the interests of their good ol boys club in which you and I are not members. So this is what we get, and if you don’t like it you can start with you’re local and state elections and preach voting to everyone you know. It works for the religious groups and voting should appeal to all Americans. Have a nice day - Knockemdown

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