Citizen Accountability

I have seen President Bush lie, steal, cheat, kill, destroy civil liberties, deny our history of scientific discovery, promote the parochial religious belief of creationism, create a culture of fear and the illusion of representative government, and get re-elected. Now a new and improved section in the recently renewed Patriot Act gives continued power to government agencies to monitor its citizens, only now it has some new limitations which are purely cosmetic in protecting constitutional rights. My question is….how does this not smack of a rising dictatorship? What is to become of democracy when we tolerate blatant violations of our fundamental principals?
How about Iraq? What is happening over there that was so unexpected that it turned the initial estimated cost of 1.7 billion into 280 billion? Don’t tell me they didn’t count on the insurgency or terrorist tactics, doesn’t anyone remember Vietnam? And are we supposed to be the purveyors of democracy to a country that has never had it or even asked for it? Why is there so much support for Bush and his war by the christians…. seriously, WWJD? If this is not an imperial and religious conquest, then what is this…. benevolent hegemony? Really?
I’m afraid this is not the end of the erosion of freedoms, it is only the begining of a slow process that will eventually make the Constitution what the monarchy is in England, a symbolic gesture. The opposition to restoring the integrity of our founding docterine is huge. Worst of all most of us will only find out what happend when its too late. The media is simply a propaganda tool for the government and industry, and most people are either too busy or too lazy to investigate the crap the media feeds them or even participate in democratically important processes. We desperately need new parties, new ideas and a new set of officials that will work for the majority of Americans, not cater to the ultra rich minority. But somehow such a revolutionary idea sounds redundant, what happened to the accountability of the citizen to act and be involved? I have actually heard a person say that he/she expects the politician in their state to act in they’re best interest….without this individual’s participation. What did we expect to happen? Do we still want democracy? All I know is, we need to vote in EVERY election and take part in our communities. For Elections in your area, please call 1-888-VOTE-SMART (1-888-868-3762) and visit - Knockemdown

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