war “quickie”

Well I’m happy to be back up and running on our new permanent site. Thanks to my friend and some excellent directions from word press we switched from n0nc0mpliance.com to noncompliance.org without loosing data. So…. here we are. I read recently in the news that the war in Iraq is becoming less of an insurrection against American forces, and more of a civil war between the Shiites and the Sunnies. Both parties seem to have formed militias and in recent weeks a riot has broken out. I don’t know how the president did not see this coming. It would be one thing if the people asked for our help, but going there and forcing democracy down the throat of an entire nation has few possible reactions, none of which can be favorable. Civil war seems to be imminent and the number of religious and political parties is taking up arms and with their private militias they will soon be after one another like that of the Hutu and Tootsie populations - Genocide. Now George Bush is looking at Iran with its hands full. Iran is enriching Uranium and has every aspiration to make nuclear weapons. In addition, nations like Palestine, South Korea, and Syria continue to have anti-American sentiments and brood hatred which perpetutates terrorism. Funny, the war on terrorism is causing more terrorism. We continue to threaten other nations for aspiring to enter the neuclear age, but these threats are being de-clawed as a result of our failure in Iraq. We were so arogant going into all this. We said that the war would be over in a few months, butI met a millitary general that is stationed over there who said that troops will be there for the next ten years. We thought that Iraqis would love us and see us a liberators from a tyranical government, but they have been devided even more by US involvement. Are’nt we an empire in denial? I think so beacause we keep thinking that if we enforce the rules of the US in other nations, they will prosper like America, and we can profit off that. We even thought that Iraqi oil could pay for the war, nope wrong again. I would like any person reading this to reply and tell me what you would do. Where do we go from here? - Knockemdown.

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