Great  Expectations If you, like many others, are wondering why it is that a group like Hamas was elected, it is a simple case of pride. Its the same feeling that we Americans got when we decided to rebel against Brittish rule in 1776. The only difference is, we Americans are now the big imperial masters of the world, and continue to exploit nations based on religious and cultural divisions. For as far back as I have read (history of the peloponesian war) it seems that those who persistantly domninate will eventually fall. Is this to be America’s fate? Well it does not look good thus far. We are being bankrupted by the war in Iraq and Afganistan, while we continue to fund Israel in its fight against Palistine. Yet somehow we feel like these “terrorists” just don’t like us because theyre jealous of our wealth and power. A war on terror is like the war on drugs, un-winable, only the enemy is more passionate about its cause. Ask yourself why the only reaction to this problem was war. How does war make peace? First of all, I think that we could keep terrorists away if we spent as much money on intellegence and security than we do on the war, but that dosent make for record breaking government contracts. That might not give a good enough reason to make bigger profits in the energy industry. We need to look at what has happened, and what our experiences have been before Bush is allowed go ahead with anymore of his unethical and ineffective plans. Watch the State of the Union from last term, tell me what you think he has accomplished thus far. Has he done anything for the American people, except place them in a dangerous situation? I gotta go - knockemdown. Picture Copyright New York Times

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