In the news, and not.

Amidst the nice tropical breeze in a botanical garden, I read the New York Times while drinking my morning coffee. I thought about how lucky I was to be sitting there, instead of the mess of a world that the Times reports on. With each turn to read the extensions of headline articles, I am horrified at the number of potential crisis’s that lie abroad, and the corrupt politics that we continue to endure here at home.
In one article I read about Hammas and how the group has won the election in Palestine and so dictates where the relations with both the US and Israel will go. Bush and the Israel prime minister do not intend on considering any agreements as long as they keep up their terrorist activity, but I think its that activity that got them democratically elected. The results of the Palestinian election pose many questions within the global community (if there is one) as to how Palestine will react toward the globalization movement. It seems that this area is the center point of the Judeo Christian/ Muslim conflict and may hinder the US endeavor of economic enslavement in the region. Well, Im sure the war will continue with more walls going up between the nations, and less progress in the way of social development. I hate being pessimistic.
There are also two simultaneous world forums going on. The World Economic Forum and the World Social Forum represent the dialectical process of globalization, the former being that imposed from above and the later being reconfigured from below. The populations attending are even proportional. The World Economic Forum is smaller in numbers that that of the World Social Forum, but the concentration of wealth is much greater. Unfortunately there has been literally no coverage of the World Social Forum even though its being held on three different continents. The World Economic Forum however, is being covered quite sufficiently. It continues to espouse the Neo-liberal plan of the global elite, the latest of which is 401K-like healthcare savings accounts that Bush is pushing, in addition to all the other privatization and “fuck you, pay me” schemes. These new accounts MUST be tied in with a high deductible insurance plan, and allow a person to extract invested money from the account for medical purposes tax-free. If the person wants to take the money out for anything else, they are subject to penalties and taxes. This essentially allows banks to accrue billions of dollars in new accounts to further their speculative investments in two percent of the population, at the cost of the rest of the American people.
In another revolting development, it seems that 80% of the black population will most-likely not be returning to New Orleans. Instead of footing the bill for Bush’s political malfeasance, the state feels that leaving the blacks in their relocations is the best option. Most the white population will be returning though, and there will be more to come. Much of the land has been bought by the state for 60% of what it was worth before Katrina, and sold to developers for new development. So buy land in New Orleans, its Rich, its White, and its Republican.
Well that’s the news for now, I gotta go. I have some studying to attend to. - Knockemdown

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