Free from Liberty

I donít understand the tolerance that Americans seem to have for the trumping of our civil liberties. The recent issues that have come about with regard to unwarranted spying on Americans drew no real outrage by the general public. There were no protests, and no real resistance against what I see as a major problem. Why are people supporting this administrationís actions that erode American Civil Liberty and protections? Are people too busy to care? One of the most absurd claims that have gained popularity is that ďthese measures are needed for security and for freedomĒ. I canít believe that Americans are buying that crap. How can we be free, if we give up our Constitutional rights? The Fourth Amendment, the protection from illegal search and seizure, from a police state, from a dictator, has all but faded out of existence.

The Fourth Amendment states: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Today, all but the home can be searched without a warrant. Beginning with the Detention Short of Arrest: Stop-and-Frisk called a Terry search, police are allowed to search for weapons without any kind of warrant or probable cause. Vehicular Searches are also allowed under the same Terry V. Ohio Supreme Court decision. The home continues to be protected form warrentless search; however, a recent move by the President has usurped the Constitution in the name of freedom by allowing wiretaps on American phone lines, and monitoring of e-mail transfers. Lately, there has also been a report of regular mail scanning and the opening of mail coming from outside America.

I see this as a major change from the democratic system that America once was. Bush and his henchmen Carl Rove, Tom Delay, and now Jack Amberhof have disregarded the laws America set in place to preserve democratic control, and they continue to go unpunished because of the apathy of the American people. People want to think that things are A OK, but the truth is, theyíre not. Something is wrong with American government. We continue to loose benefits for the poor and needy and spend all our taxes making the elite few even richer. I see it as an insult when the administration administers a tax cut that grants the corporate elite huge savings on providing for the American people, while barely throwing a bone to those that really need a break, but thatís what won the election. People are content with too little form their corporate masters. I want a change so bad, and I know its coming, and that itís only going to bite me in the ass. Even if we get a great revolutionary in there like Ralph Nadir, how would he clean up this mess Bush created? Could it really be done in two terms? I think not. I think we will all feel the problems from what this administration has done for a long time, and so we are putting off a realization until the point of desperation. We will just continue to feed the international hatred for America, continue to consume, to make sure above all else, that we are comfortable, even if it means hell for someone else.

A change needs to be made, and we as Americans must stand against the domination of the Global Elite. Globalization is here, and it truly is us against them. - Knockemdown

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